Our History

Core Physical Therapy, PC was founded on the premise of movement is life. Core’s philosophy looks at the whole person, integrating the wisdom of conventional treatment with the physical and mental benefits provided by alternative therapies.

This philosophy promotes the greatest health possible through proper, effective and comfortable movement, and enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself.

Core Physical Therapy currently has three locations:

  • Downtown in Belltown
  • Downtown in South Lake Union
  • Shoreline

The staff at Core Physical Therapy has been helping individuals of all ages and abilities achieve their maximum potential since 1996. Its blend of superior patient treatment, highly trained staff, individualized communication and variety of services, yield extraordinary results for the patient and physician alike.

Core staffs are specially trained to address the full spectrum of patient needs and to treat the individual in a professional, private setting. We assist patients beyond pain relief, working to help them live, work and play with greater confidence and ease.

What do our patients think?

“I had never had physical therapy before, so I was a bit uneasy about the whole thing. However, everyone put me at ease and I feel I was cared for very well there…”
-Carol J.

“There is none better, I’ve had ‘other’ physical therapy and usually it is by the book instead of what I did need…excellent, knowledgeable, and caring therapists.”
-Mathew F.

“Physical therapy and acupuncture were the keys to getting me back to playing and coaching lacrosse again.” –Jillian C.

“After the car accident, I had difficulty sleeping and was uncomfortable sitting for long periods at work. Thanks to physical therapy I saw significant improvement and I am no longer limited.”
–Jeff M.

“I was in incredible pain, but now the pain is gone and I can enjoy life again.”
–Debbie S.

“I had to have surgery for a sports injury. My doctor was very happy with the speed and success of my recovery.”
–Ray L.

“After injuring myself at work, physical therapy got me back on my feet and on the job.”
–Matt A.

“Thanks to physical therapy, I can still participate in activities and sports that I would not be able to.”
–Thomas F.

“My physical therapist adapted my exercises by keenly observing my movements, targeted questioning and careful listening. It was all done with a gentle and experienced approach to our interaction. With my physical therapist’s help, I regained full range of motion.”
-Homa Z.

“I finished PT a few weeks ago and my shoulder is in great condition. I started doing pull-ups last week and ran a half marathon last night. Have no pain and feeling strong. So again thanks to all that helped.”
-Merland M.

Reviews from Google can be found on our Reviews page.