Core visits F5 for a Postural Alignment Education Talk

Paul de Beijl, L.Ac., PT and Randy Schmidt, PT, COMT were invited to F5 to give a presentation on postural alignment. They were met with keen F5 and BigFishGames employees interested in the benefits of proper postural alignment. Both Paul and Randy enjoyed the opportunity to educate their community on the benefits of proper posture and are continuously seeking out individuals to motivate and educate on how to improve and maintain their quality of life through physical therapy.

The goals of these presentations are to show you how proper posture can not only improve your work performance but also provide you relief from aches/pains, protect your joints, free up your breathing, help you feel more energized, and strengthen your core abdominal muscles.

If this is something that you feel would benefit both yourself and your fellow co-workers, then please contact us to arrange a talk at your place of employment. Please email

We look forward to visiting you at your workplace!